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About Our Creator

Karen Kilpatrick

Creator & Author & Illustratorpumpkinheads-creator


Children remind me of all the amazing things about life. My own kids have taught me so much about myself and the world around me. I began telling stories to my son almost immediately after he was born. After my daughters were born, I began illustrating the stories too, making “books” for them almost daily!

At first, my only goal was to entertain. Yet after witnessing their incredible capacity to absorb and understand, I started to focus on the power and effect of the words I chose. I wanted to create an early foundation for self-confidence, kindness, appreciation, tolerance, awareness and respect through fun and engaging stories! With Pumpkinheads™, I hope to serve not only my children, but all children. I feel that we are all a family, and together, we can create beautiful things.

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