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Pumpkinheads app!

Hi all, So excited to be able to expand the Pumpkinheads media universe to include an app that focuses on our same core values and mission – the positive social and emotional growth of our little ones.  My personal favorites are the creator games because they allow kids to be imaginative and creative while learning at the same time!  My girls love the Carmin creator game because they get to.

Building a brand is like running

I went for a run this morning to clear my head, and it happened to be a very windy day.  For the first half of the course, I was running directly against a strong wind.  Each step took twice as much effort as normal, and sometimes it felt like I was running in place.  I wanted to give up a fair amount of times, but kept telling myself that it.

Beyond Academic Learning: Character Education

Beyond Academic Learning: Character Education

All parents hope that their children will grow to become respectable and wall-mannered individuals. This is why as well as core academic subjects like maths, English and science, character education at school is so important for children’s development. Character education teaches children the core values of caring about each other, responsibility and honesty, and other traits that will enable them to learn these essential skills. Society and the media present.

The Benefits of Read Aloud Stories for Children

The Benefits of Read Aloud Stories for Children

If you have young children, reading aloud to them is a great way to grow their love of reading books. It is a wonderful time to bond as parent and child, and children love being read to! There are many additional benefits to reading stories aloud to children, which we will detail below. Listening and attention – Reading aloud increases a child’s attention and listening skills; they want to know what.

Developing your child’s imagination through story telling!

Developing your child’s imagination through story telling!

Children’s stories are a fantastic way to help develop your child’s imagination. As a toddler, children respond to the pictures and your voice as you tell the story. As they get older, the stories begin to fuel their imagination as they begin to develop a deeper understanding of the stories. They can imagine everything about the story in their own minds and make it come alive, rather than seeing it.