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About Pumpkinheads

Our Mission

books-love-awareness*To support the positive growth and development of children through sharing and teaching messages of love, acceptance, kindness, perseverance, generosity, courage, and appreciation.
*To encourage and support early childhood literacy.
*To encourage acceptance of self and the celebration of unique strengths and talents.
*To relate to children on their level and create relatable, positive role models, with a focus on helping children develop positive emotional and social skills.
*To celebrate and encourage creativity, creative play, imagination, reading, and writing.

Pumpkinheads was born out of love. There is nothing more amazing than witnessing how easily young children embrace the world around them. An innate beauty exists in all children – and we, as adults, have both the gift and responsibility to shape who these young people will become. What do we want them to learn, beyond shapes, colors, and numbers?

Our best selling, award winning books model how to learn from and interact with others while encouraging acceptance of self and the celebration of unique strengths and talents. It is never too early for children to hear and learn these concepts, especially from fun and engaging books!

As we grow, we hope that you will grow with us. We consider each and every child and each and every customer an important part of the Pumpkinheads™ family, and our goal is to always treat you like family. We also love hearing from you, so please Connect With Us and send comments, suggestions, praise, constructive criticism, pictures, or anything else that may be on your mind!